Named The Executor Of An Estate? Know Your Responsibilities During Probate

Posted on: 31 March 2021
If you were asked to be the executor of a loved one's estate, you are likely wondering what you will have to do to carry out your responsibilities. Here is an overview of what you are expected to do during the probate process.  Read The Will The first thing that you are going to do is read the will that has been left behind after your loved one passes away. This will let you know what their wishes are and allow you to start the probate process.
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Helping U.S. Citizens Return Home After Years Abroad

Posted on: 2 March 2021
Immigration attorneys are usually called to help non-U.S. citizens gain residency or set up work permits, or they help U.S. citizens bring over fiances and spouses. Immigration attorneys can also help U.S. citizens who are returning home after years abroad. For citizens, it's not just a matter of hopping on a plane and showing up. Legally, they have to detangle themselves from their previous country's laws and successfully navigate the process of getting home without making it seem like they're trying to skirt laws.
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Co-Owning Your Home After Divorce? 4 Items For The Divorce Agreement

Posted on: 1 February 2021
Do you co-own a home with your soon-to-be ex-spouse? For divorcing couples with small children, the struggle about what to do with their matrimonial home can be complex when neither party can afford to buy out the other spouse's share of the home. In this case, the only way to avoid selling it may be to continue to jointly own it. If you and your spouse are considering this move, you'll need to decide on a few key points and include them in the divorce agreement.
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What You Should Do Immediately After Receiving Divorce Papers

Posted on: 29 December 2020
Were you recently handed divorce papers by your spouse, and you are a bit confused about what you should do? Even if you knew the divorce was coming, the reality of being given the official paperwork can catch you off guard. Here are some tips for what you should do immediately after receiving your divorce papers.  Verify That You Were Served Papers Legally Know that being served legal paperwork is something that has to be done in a particular way.
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